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Puja is the communication ....with the Almighty. Puja is self-surrender.... to the Almighty. Puja is to submerge oneself .... in the Almighty.

Puja has endless definitions , as are the definitions of the Almighty. Puja is a great liberator. Puja is rediscovering over selves, as a speck of the infinite ocean of divinity. Puja is a great purifier. Puja is the action form of Bhakti Yoga. Puja is transcending the mundane existence and entering the realm of spiritualism.

Let's connect ourselves, let's rediscover ourselves, let's liberate ourselves. The methodology of Puja ( Karma-kand) is described in the scriptures. However, the most important pre-requisite is Bhakti and Shraddha ( Devotion and Faith)

I will perform the Karma-kand and You join me with Bhakti and Shraddha.

Together, we'd seek the Almighty.

Pandit Akash Deep
Hindu Priest Melbourne
Pandit Akash deep